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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeremy Grantham Interview -

This is an important interview that I found on a website called Investment Postcards.

Grantham has been in charge of institutional investing for a long time. He offers what appears to me to be a very straightforward examination of the recent activity of the Fed -- the so called QE2.

He notes that there will be a stock market bull run as a result. He also notes that we are in dangerous territory in terms of future inflationary pressure as well as in alienating our foreign trade partners.

Finally -- and this I think is critical and too often overlooked -- he clearly states that the US Government's stimulus package was too small. The US Government should be investing in infrastructure projects and putting a lot of people now unemployed back to work.

He really is emphasizing the need for the US to spend government on JOBS.

What energy efficiency and public power infrastructure projects could we be investing in?

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