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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeremy Grantham Interview -

This is an important interview that I found on a website called Investment Postcards.

Grantham has been in charge of institutional investing for a long time. He offers what appears to me to be a very straightforward examination of the recent activity of the Fed -- the so called QE2.

He notes that there will be a stock market bull run as a result. He also notes that we are in dangerous territory in terms of future inflationary pressure as well as in alienating our foreign trade partners.

Finally -- and this I think is critical and too often overlooked -- he clearly states that the US Government's stimulus package was too small. The US Government should be investing in infrastructure projects and putting a lot of people now unemployed back to work.

He really is emphasizing the need for the US to spend government on JOBS.

What energy efficiency and public power infrastructure projects could we be investing in?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Success - My Road Map

I have not the luxury of eternity. Yet, I must practice patience. Nature never works in haste. -- Og Mandino quote

I have neither the knowledge nor experience to achieve greatness, to achieve my goals, to achieve dreams. So I will follow the principles of success ...

What are those principles?

1. To start fresh -- today I will begin a new life.

2. To greet each day, each person, each challenge with love. Without love, I will fail even though I may possess all the world's knowledge.

3. To persist until I succeed. I will try and try and try again and put yesterday's failures behind me. I will persist. And I will succeed.

4. I will recognize that I have a unique purpose. I will imitate no one. I will proclaim my uniqueness. I am nature's greatest miracle!

5. I will live this day as though it were my last.

6. I will become a master of my emotions. I will master myself.

7. Never will I become so self-involved, so important, so powerful as to forget to laugh at myself. I will cultivate a sense of perspective.

8. I will aim high and multiply my value a hundredfold. I will always strive to make the next hour better than the last.

9. I will act. Now.

10. I will pray ... for patience, wisdom, courage, love, and compassion -- and to develop the abilities that will match my opportunities.

By using these principles each day as my guide I will reach my goals!

These ideas were written by Og Mandino in a great little book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. But these principles may be applied to any profession or avocation. They need not be limited to sales.

This weblog will be changing over time, expanding from energy efficiency to cover other subjects -- including personal development. Stay tuned!

(For a copy of Mandino's book, check out Amazon

Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday After Changing to Standard Time

Now that time in most of the USA has switched back to 'standard' time, have you noticed how easy the day was today?

Fewer folks on the road, and the kids were able to get to school while there was still plenty of daylight.

Anyone notice whether this fall is warmer than in the recent past? I've kept the thermostat down, as a result. I think the furnace ran only twice this season.

All of this will result in lower utility bills for us. I hope for you, too.

Changing Tone

You'll note that I've changed the tone of this blog. I'm not on a mission to save the world from inefficiency -- just going to make my contribution at a slower pace.