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Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Energy Efficiency Money Pie
Have you gotten your fair share?

Last year, utilities spent more than $5 billion in energy conservation and efficiency programs for their customers.

Did you get some of that money? If not, why didn't you ask for it? You should have, because that money is a part of the rates you pay.

If you did not get your share of last year's pie, don't get disgusted -- more is on the way for this year. Just log onto your utility's website and start looking for a rebate or other benefit that will help you reduce the amount of electricity, gas or propane that you use -- as well as lower your energy bills.

Energy efficiency leads to lowering utility bills ... and saving you money.

P.S. -- Don't forget that you can start right now saving energy and lowering bills by completing a very simple do-it-yourself home energy analysis. There is absolutely no reason to wait to save money!

The complete website address for this easy analysis is as follows:


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