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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Tip from Robert G. Allen
A metaphor resonates

I recently read Robert G. Allen's One Minute Millionaire. He's a financial writer, who has written numerous books on wealth creation. He also claims to have made millions in real estate, back in the Seventies I think.

A metaphor he used struck me. Allen said that every dollar should be viewed as a 'seed' -- a money seed.

That made an impression.

In nature, a seed grows only if it is in good soil and receives sufficient water, sunshine, and nutrients. In nature, it's hit or miss, isn't it? An acorn falls and may sprout and take root, or it may not. Which is why trees must produce so many.

But in a garden, the gardener adds important differences: intention, and attention.  The gardener plants each seed the the intention of seeing them grow and produce. She adds her special attention, weekly perhaps, or perhaps monthly, tending her seedlings until they mature and produce.

So in our financial matters we must carefully plant our money seeds with the intention of seeing them produce more seeds -- interest or capital gain. We must remain attentive, making sure the money seeds receive sufficient nutrients, such as an experienced fund manager.

I was talking to my daughter recently. She told me that she looked to me to provide her with financial advice. I was pleased. Here was a seed of another type. Since I can recall, I talked to her about careful use and investment of money. She seems to get it. She's young yet. Time will tell.

Now I will try to tend to the 'money gardens' I have planted. These include:
  •  My regular job -- my day-to-day bread-winning work, which I enjoy and hope to continue doing until retirement (whenever that is).
  • My house (now that spring is here, the place needs mending, painting, cleaning to retain its value).
  • The tiny investment fund that I have, which I have split half and half between large cap type investments and bonds.
  • My writing, which I hope will produce an additional income stream some day, one I can rely upon in the future.

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