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Monday, June 01, 2009

A rug that is a heater?

Ever think about generating heat from your carpets or floor rugs? Apparently someone has and is adapting nanotechnology to do the job.

A university in Poland developed a prototype carpet that uses carbon nano tubes for heating. The floor covering is plugged into a wall outlet to make the heater work. Apparently it uses very little energy.

Sounds like a great way to heat a particular room, or keep your toes warm when the temperature drops.

You don't have to wait for nanotechnology to heat under your rugs. Products exist today that allow you to put an electric "heating blanket" under your rugs today.

Again, this sort of task-oriented heating is a good way to target your heating and perhaps minimize your energy bill. Remember, however, you should avoid using your furnace to heat the entire house while using a targeted electric heating device such as an electric rug warmer. Running both at the same time may cause your utility bill to skyrocket!

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  1. Oh, this is very interesting! I just wonder what those other products are that can help me setup a "heating blanket" in my own home? Thanks!